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How Our Tutoring Service Works

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Tutor Hunt makes finding the right tutor for you an easy task. Join Tutor Hunt and find the perfect tutor today!

Browse through our large database of registered tutors completely free.

Matching yourself with the right tutor

When using our search feature, you will be able to find plenty of suitable tutors, ready to teach within your location. Message them and ask any questions you need. Once you have sent a message to one of the tutors, we will create an account for you.

  • Enter your zip code to see tutors near you.
  • Discuss scheduling and the specific topics you`d like tutored in.
  • Feel free to contact as many tutors as you want at no cost.
  • Check the tutor`s feedback and view testimonials from past students.

How does our tutor service compare to others?

We only receive a one-time payment for a tutor`s contact details. We do NOT receive ongoing commissions from tutors like other agencies do, since this often leads to higher hourly rates getting charged by the tutor to the student.

Since 2005 Tutor Hunt has assisted numerous students in finding the perfect tutor. Unlike many tuition agencies that choose tutors on the student's behalf, Tutor Hunt operates differently. We trust that the parent or student themselves is the best judge when it comes to selecting the most appropriate tutor. They have a better understanding of their needs and preferences, and can thus make a more informed decision.

The benefits of using Tutor Hunt are as follows;

  • We help manage the whole booking process and help you schedule your lessons.
  • All online lessons can make use of our innovative online whiteboard, where you can communicate (video, audio and chat), share documents and your screen in real time.
  • Scheduling lessons is easy to manage through Tutor Hunt, if you need to reschedule or cancel lessons it can easily be updated through our system, your tutor is automatically notified.
  • Contact as many tutors through our site as you wish, for no charge or signup fees.


View more student questions

What is Tutor Hunt?

Tutor Hunt has one main goal: To bring students and tutors together. Whatever subjects you may be striving to learn, whether it is for an academic assessment or for your own self-advancement, we have the right tutor for you. For tutors looking to find students, we will help you find and locate students that can benefit from your teaching experience and knowledge.

How much will the lessons cost me, and who do I make the payment to?

Tutor Hunt is completely free for both tutors and students. We have no sign up fees of any kind. The only payment that you will have to make is for the lessons you have, and these are paid directly to the tutor. Each tutor sets their own hourly rate, and these are clearly listed on their profile pages.

How much does tutoring cost me and where/who do I pay?

Messaging tutors is 100% free. Once you have matched a tutor to your needs, we`ll ask for a one-time payment for their information. That is all you pay. Other sites charge large sign up fees, which must be paid on an annual basis and/or they take commissions from the tutor, making them raise their hourly rate and passing the charges onto their students. Tutor Hunt just requires the one-time payment of £19.99 + VAT. It helps us maintain our website and attract new tutors across the UK.

How do I make the one-time payment?

Open the conversation you are having with your chosen tutor. At the top of the conversation thread, click the green button that says "Buy tutor`s contact details." It will redirect you to our payment page. The cost for a tutor`s details is £19.99 + VAT.

How much will the tutor charge me?

On a tutor`s profile page, their hourly rate is listed. They will also include any important information, such as teaching experience, their qualifications, and a complete listing of all the subjects they teach. You can contact each one via the message box, located at the top right-hand corner of their page.


How do I message a tutor through Tutor Hunt?

You can message tutors immediately, whether you are registered or not. All you have to do is click "Search" at the top of the page. Enter the details, such as the subject you want tutored in, the academic level (GCSE, A-Level, etc.), and your zip code. This will bring up a list of tutors in your area based on your criteria.

In these results, click on the tutor`s name to go to their profile page. Contacting them at this stage is quick and easy. If you have not registered with Tutor Hunt yet, click "Not a Member" at the top right-hand section. Enter your details in the necessary fields (address, name, etc.) and type a message directly in the box to send to the tutor. If you have already registered with us, enter your login details before writing your message to the tutor.

What if I forgot my username or password?

For forgotten usernames, click "Forgot Username" to reset it. For forgotten passwords, click "Forgot Password" to reset it. We will send you an email with instructions on how to reset the details based on what you chose.

Where are my messages located?

Your messages are found on your "My Inquiries" page. Please ensure that you`re logged in, and then click on "Members Area." Once there, click on "My Inquiries." You will be able to read all messages you have sent and received from students or tutors, depending on which one you are.

What should I do if my chosen tutor does not respond?

Even though our main purpose at Tutor Hunt is to bring tutors and students together, the tutors actually work for themselves. This means that they decide on whether to communicate with you or not. In some cases, they have already filled up their schedule. Don`t get discouraged. The perfect tutor is out there. To help get more responses, we advise all students and parents to message at least six tutors to increase the overall response rate. In addition, you can look at the tutor`s typical response rate on their page. This will help determine how quickly they may respond to your message.

If a tutor you messaged chooses to accept you as their student, they will click an "Accept" button on their profile page. At this point, a button will appear that enables you to purchase their contact details.

Where do I leave feedback for my tutor?

After purchasing a tutor`s details, you are immediately given an option to leave feedback on their profile. However, we advise that you give them some time first to get a feel for the services you receive. To leave feedback, ensure that you have logged in first. Click "Members Area" and then click "Leave Feedback" on the left hand side. Write your feedback and rate the tutor out of five stars.

Can I temporarily deactivate my account to avoid getting messages?

Yes, you can. If you are no longer in need of a tutor, you can temporarily deactivate your account. This prevents tutors from being able to message you. A note is displayed on your profile that shows your account as inactive. To disable your account on a temporary basis, simply go into the members area and click "Privacy." Next, change your profile status to inactive. If you would like to re-active your account at a later date, simply follow the same instructions, except change your account to active.

Tutor FAQs

How can I register as a tutor?

To create a tutor account on Tutor Hunt, simply click on the green register button, located under "Login." Account registration is completely free.

What can I do if I forgot my username or password?

If you forgot your login credentials, do not worry. For forgotten usernames, click "Forgot Username." For lost or forgotten passwords, simply click "Forgot Password." You will receive an email with instructions on accessing your account.

Who can see my personal details and documentation as a tutor?

Your personal details and documentation cannot be viewed by any users, including other tutors. Your profile only shows first name, location, subjects you specialize in, your hourly rate, comments about yourself, and your availability. Actual contact information is only displayed to a student when they purchase your contact details. As for documentation, it is only viewable by our verification team that reviews your credentials and decides whether they meet our criteria for approval.

Where can I find my messages?

Your messages are located in "My Inquiries." Be sure that you have logged in first and then click "Members Area." Once there click "My Inquiries" to access all your messages. You will be able to view all sent and received messages from students/tutors.

What should I do if my student does not respond to my message?

Ultimately, the students themselves decide to take accept you as their tutor. Your hourly rate may be too high or perhaps you could increase the distance you will travel. If you haven`t already, consider uploading documentation that includes qualifications and a picture ID. These things alone increase a tutor`s chance of gaining more students. If responses are lacking, don`t give up. There are plenty of students that can benefit from your teaching skills and experience. Sometimes, it just takes a little time. You can see who has found you on Tutor Hunt by viewing the "Who`s found me?" page within your account area. For higher chances of success, try contacting those individuals yourself.

Does my message go through if I decide not to accept a student?

Yes, all messages go through when sent. Choosing "No" only stops the student from being able to purchase your contact information. We encourage our tutors to find more details on a student`s requirements before choosing to accept them. This helps ensure a more successful connection between you and the students.

Am I required to have a CRB/DBS?

If you do have a CRB/DBS certificate, we strongly suggest that you upload it to your profile. A CRB/DBS will strengthen your profile to make it more appealing to students, particularly to parents of perspective students. However, it is not required on Tutor Hunt.

What CRB/DBS does Tutor Hunt accept?

We accept English and Scottish Enhanced CRB/DBS certificates.

How do I upload documents?

To upload documents, go to the Members Area and click "Verification" to start uploading your documents. You can become a verified tutor by submitting relevant documentation that includes your qualifications, a photo ID, and DBS if applicable. For any uploads, please ensure that your documents are readable!

How does Tutor Hunt protect my personal documents?

At Tutor Hunt, we take your data and privacy seriously. We are registered with the Information Commissioner`s Office and encrypt any personal documents you upload on our servers by only allowing our admin team to have access, in order to determine your qualifications. These documents are never shown to any students.

How can I add an article to my profile?

Writing articles is one way to help boost your profile! To get an idea on what to write about, you can visit our resources page. The content must be your work and unique to any other website, textbook, or other source. To add an article, go to the member`s area and select "Articles." Files and pictures cannot be uploaded. They must be pasted.

How can I adjust my subjects and rates?

To edit your subjects and/or rates, go to the members area and select "My Subjects." You will see a pen and paper icon, which will direct you to a page where subjects and rates can be adjusted.

How can I temporarily deactivate my existing account?

If you no longer have any availability for students, you can temporarily deactivate your account. This will prevent students from contacting you and a note will appear on your profile that states that you are unavailable. To deactivate your account on a temporary basis, go to the member`s home page and click on "Privacy." You can then change your status to inactive. If you would like to re-active your account in the future, simply follow the same procedure, but select "Activate."

Other FAQs

Does Tutor Hunt offer an affiliate program?

Yes, we do. You can click on "Tutor Hunt Affiliates" for further details.